Entry: Yes, we can! Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I may not be American, but it doesn't make me any less elated to know that Obama has clinched the presidency. And the fact that Obama is America's first black president makes it all the more sensational... Could there ever be a Latin American president in the future? Perhaps even a Chinese American one? Boy... that'd be the day... Anyway, this has to be perhaps the single most significant political event for my generation. I only started becoming interested in Obama's campaign when he fought against Hillary Clinton to become the Democrat nominee... and since then, I have been enthralled by this enigmatic man. He has brought the message of change not only to the Americans, but also to the entire world. I'm anticipating eagerly the changes he promised... and hopefully somewhere in the future, we can all look back and say yes.... we made the right choice in him. These are truly exciting times...


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