Entry: My Chinese pride... Sunday, August 24, 2008

I was never a fan of the Olympic Games until it finally made its stop in Beijing. Frankly, I'm never a fan of sports, but somehow this year's games managed to keep me captivated, notably track and field, gymastics (eyecandies everywhere!) and swimming (simply exciting to see that green line chasing those swimmers everytime... hehe...). So it was a bittersweet feeling to know that it all ends today. I don't know why, but watching the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony earlier on TV actually made me emotional. It was heartwarming to see those Chinese performers giving their heart and soul to the performance, and what a spectacular performance it was! The Chinese people sure know how to party... and they certainly have every right to. From their 50 gold medal winnings, to the mammoth Olympic structures that they built, and right down to their impeccable organisation of the Games, China has finally shown the world what it is truly capable of. And even though I'm not from China, being Chinese however, is reason enough to make me feel proud. And proud I am to be Chinese. Somehow, I think a part of me will always look to China as the motherland...



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