Entry: Pain! Pain! Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Been sick since Sunday when I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible stomachache. I could hardly sleep that night and all I could do was wince in pain. When I woke up the next day, I felt even weaker. I figured it must have been food poisoning since I had sushi at Sakae for dinner the night before. Anyway, the fever that I got yesterday has subsided and I'm feeling better already, except for the persistent abdominal pain that i'm having. It has dulled significantly since the first attack on Sunday but it's still there nonetheless. I was surfing the internet earlier looking for a likely diagnosis and the closest possibility that I could come up with was Appendicitis. Symptoms of Appendicitis include nausea (checked), low grade fever (checked), diarrhea (checked), loss of appetite (while I did lose my appetite when I was fevering, I seem to have gotten back my appetite already. Actually, talking about appetite, I am getting a little hungry... hehe....), and an aching pain that starts from the navel to the lower right abdomen. I can't exactly pinpoint that pain but it sure has shifted and my right abdomen does feel kind of sore... though it could just be psychological. Reading on, it says that the pain usually intensifies within 6 - 12 hours and would eventually become very severe. But the fact that I'm able to blog about this probably goes to show I'm not in pain... though it does hurt when I move about too much... Almost died of pain when I walked down to have my dinner earlier... Heh... In any case, if I do indeed have appendicitis, it would seem that I require emergency surgery since if left untreated, my stomach would explode or something... Now, that'd be a sight to behold. Heh... the thought of going through surgery is daunting because that would mean my body would be scarred for life! ARGGGHHH!!!! If there's one thing I'm proud of myself all this while, is that I've always had nice skin! No scars, no blemishes, nothing on my body! So the thought of having one small scar there is unimaginable!! NNNOOOOOOOOO!!! Maybe I'm just thinking too much... Geez, I can be such a pessimist! Positive thoughts! Oommmm...


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