Entry: I got the VS Spirit up in my head... Saturday, April 05, 2008

One thing I like about living in Chinatown is that there is always something interesting to see everyday. Just today, I spotted this very old man (mid 80s I presume?) strolling very slowly along the busy streets of Chinatown. Frankly speaking, old men are a dime a dozen over here in Chinatown, but what really caught my eyes was that this particular old man was dressed up like a typical Victorian. He was actually wearing the signature yellow Victorian PT shirt right down to the brown khaki pants. I immediately wondered if he was really an actual Victorian... hmmm... make that a VERY old Victorian (or perhaps he stole his grandson's uniform?). And if he really was a Victorian, why would he be wearing the Victoria uniform right smack in the middle of Chinatown? Was it because he was feeling extremely nostalgic? Was he feeling the Victorian Spirit? Hmmm... Anyway, looking at that uniform shall brings back nostalgic memories... Maybe I should go dig in my closet check and see if I still fit into those brown khaki pants... Hee...



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