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  • Another new year has passed and I can't wait to fill this year up with even more exciting and interesting things. In the meantime, happy new year everyone!

  • Now that I've a camera phone at my disposal, I'll try to upload the latest bite sized pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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    Saturday, April 05, 2008
    I got the VS Spirit up in my head...

    One thing I like about living in Chinatown is that there is always something interesting to see everyday. Just today, I spotted this very old man (mid 80s I presume?) strolling very slowly along the busy streets of Chinatown. Frankly speaking, old men are a dime a dozen over here in Chinatown, but what really caught my eyes was that this particular old man was dressed up like a typical Victorian. He was actually wearing the signature yellow Victorian PT shirt right down to the brown khaki pants. I immediately wondered if he was really an actual Victorian... hmmm... make that a VERY old Victorian (or perhaps he stole his grandson's uniform?). And if he really was a Victorian, why would he be wearing the Victoria uniform right smack in the middle of Chinatown? Was it because he was feeling extremely nostalgic? Was he feeling the Victorian Spirit? Hmmm... Anyway, looking at that uniform shall brings back nostalgic memories... Maybe I should go dig in my closet check and see if I still fit into those brown khaki pants... Hee...


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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    And you wondered how he actually managed to escape.... So clever ah, bang...

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    Wednesday, January 23, 2008
    Jetting off...

    Off to Taipei!

    See you guys next week!

    Posted at 01:00 pm by justinkan
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    Saturday, January 19, 2008
    Family Portrait


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    Friday, January 18, 2008
    The Tao of Love II

    This mahjong scene between the four of us was the all important climatic scene that led to the demise of the two secret lovers. I still remembered that we actually had a hard time rehearsing for this scene cause half the time, we would be breaking out into laughters. Don't know why also... it wasn't until the very last few rehearsals that we actually got our acts together and pulled this scene off with nary a sniggle... 


    See sua sua... see sua sua... see sua sua... see sua sua...


    This eerie staging of a ghost marriage between the two lovers drew many gasps from the audience. While many were actually spooked by it, all I could think of was whether my costume would remain intact throughout the scene. My costume was way too long and I kept stepping on the seams of it. And everytime I step on it, I could feel one button popping out one by one. I was breaking cold sweat, I tell ya...


    The final scene.


    Curtain Call! Many thanks to friends who came to support the show. It's supporters like you who make me feel that all the hard work I've put in was worth it. Kisses to all... muakz muakz muakz...


    From left, Angela, Shaina and Sharon. Many thanks to Shaina for being the photographer for the night, without which I wouldn't be able to post so many nice pictures on my blog in the first place. And thanks for the flowers, girls...


    Victor and Willy (you would remember them from last year's Men 2007 event) So nice of them to come watch my show... Willy, next time you got your choir performances I sure go support one... cause you supported mine. Haha! And Victor, erm... I will start watching channel 8 shows just to support you too. Hee...


    From left, CS, yours truly, Christopher, my beloved sista XX, Xiao Peh and her husband, CS2. For your information, CS and CS2 are brothers, but they don't look alike wor...


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    Thursday, January 17, 2008
    The Tao of Love (5 Jan 2008)

    Liquid Webs, was a production staged by SIM's Film and Performing Arts Society. It featured two original plays, The Wooden Wedding Bells and The Tao of Love. The Tao of Love, written and directed by Glarie Chiong, explores the forms of power that exist in relationships through the perspective of 3 different women and their relationship revolving around one man, Pan Tian Cai a.k.a yours truly. Set in the 1930s, this story unfolds around Tian Cai as he copes with the oppression and humiliation of being married into a family. It's all very Taiwanese soap opera, really. And if you'd look at the pictures below, my face reaction remained pretty much stagnant throughout the whole show as I had only one expression... and that was constipation. Gosh... hahaha! I never knew it until I saw all the photos that were taken during the show and realised that I had given a constipated look on stage throughout the whole entire show! Damn... the audiences must have thought I hadn't shit for days prior to the show... haha! But it's NOT true, just in case you were thinking otherwise. I made sure I had healthy bowels prior to the show ok!?! Gee.. now I know what Glarie meant when he said I was good at giving that Taiwanese melodrama face. I think he was actually being sarcastic... haah!

    In this show, Pamela plays Jiang Hong, the younger twin sister of Jiang Xuan (they must be fraternal twins cause they don't look alike at all... haha!) who is a scheming little bitch. She tries to seduce Tian Cai to no avail.


    Regina acting as Jiang Xuan, the oldest sister in the family. Tian Cai was obligated to marry her because his mother had earlier bestowed him to the family before she died. In this scene, Jiang Xuan breaks to Tian Cai the news of their impending marriage. Constipation look #1.

    Constipation Look #2


    Introucing Sally as Wu Yan. Wu Yan is the youngest sister in the family and is a step sister to Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hong. Unfortunately for the Jiang sisters, Tian Cai's one and only true love. In this scene, they meet for the first time after three years of being separated. Constipation look #3.


    Constipation look #4. Boy, do I look very constipated in this or what... :-p


    Ooooh... this picture so sweet hor? Machiam really like lovers like that...


    Wu Yan and Tian Cai reminiscing that fateful day they met. As stories go, love at first sight usually occurs either with the colliding and picking up of books or during rainy days. This one has both


    I look so nerdy in this picture... but I likey too... Hehehe!


    Even more stage pictures tomorrow!

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2008
    My first entry for 2008

    I had wanted to start my 2008 with an entry reflecting on the year that had past and perhaps, make a resolution for this new year. I guess I eventually will, though it will be kind of weird to write an entry that was actually meant for 2007. Still, since I said I would, I will. I guess it's just a matter of timing, really. Maybe you'll get to read my backdated entries in 2009... who knows? So it's been 16 days since we moved over to this new year and exactly one month since I last blogged. And as usual, it has been a busy one (looks like I'm still living in the fast life... just like what my web banner said). My school semester has started, my insurance work continues to beckon for me (this time, I'm aiming for Osaka!), but despite of all these, my passion still lies in the performing arts. And so on 5th January, I took to the stage and performed in my University's play, Liquid Webs, at the DBS Auditorium.

    I had auditioned for a role a few months back, thinking it'd be nice to be back on stage after so long. And boy, was I right! I never realised how much I missed theatre until I did this show with the FPA group. They say that the best view in the theatre is from the stage. It's true! The feeling of being on stage and performing in front of a live audience is simply mind blowing. I had thought that participating in this play would help ease my itch for performing, but it looks like it's only stroking the flame stronger! I want to do even more shows now! Haha... It's a pity that my school play was for one night only. Still, despite it being only a one show event, it was good enough, simply because of the friends I have made through this journey of rediscovery. Many thanks to Glarie, Regina, Pamela, Sally and Jia Li. I will always remember the many fun times we had during rehearsals and who can forget the crazy nights when we played mahjong and sang KTV? Anyway, here are some photos I've uploaded for good times' sake... Enjoy!

    From Left, Pamela, Sally, Regina, stage manager Jia Li and director Glarie


    Fooling around backstage. Yep, that's me sleeping on the couch while they holly polly around me...


    All dressed up and gearing to perform!


    Stage pictures tomorrow!

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    Sunday, December 16, 2007
    Shenzhen 2007

    Didn't take much in Shenzhen because frankly, there's not much to take there... especially so at where my dad is staying. Dad stays in a sleepy town in Shenzhen called Long Gang, which translates to "dragon port" in English. But frankly, it sounds (and looks) more like "longkang" (sewer) to me. I mean, everything is so dirty there! Dirty also must have class like the dirty in Hong Kong mah! So Kendice, if you are actually reading this, don't say I never warn you. And lay off the "Ma La Huo Guo" if you intend to stay vomit free. My mistake was to guzzle tons of oil from eating Ma La Huo Guo in Shenzhen. Big, BIG mistake. I ended up vomiting for days even after I returned back to Singapore...

    Their version of our HDB flats. They sure made our HDB flats look spacious.


    This was taken in this street called "Lao Jie" (Old Street) in Long Gang. It's like a lousier version of Shenzhen downtown's Dong Men. Dong Men, on the other hand, is like a lousier version of Taiwan's Ximending. So you can imagine how lousy it is like in Lao Jie. No wonder my sister was throwing her tantrum. But then again, she always throw tantrums! Hong Kong also want to throw tantrum! Spoilt brat lah that girl... Hmmph... Anyway, even though the stores in Lao Jie is not as good as that in Dong Men or Ximending, you can still find decent clothes and shoes at ridiculous cheap prices. The only prejudice I have against them is that the streets really have no hygiene!

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    Saturday, December 15, 2007
    Hong Kong 2007 Part Duex

    This was taken in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Took plenty of pictures with the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Albert Einstein, George Bush, Princess Diana and Kylie Minogue.... but won't be posting all of them up lah. Shit... I forgot who's the person I'm posing with... correct me if I'm wrong but should be the Australia former PM, Howard something-something right? Gee... my current affairs is slipping. Better brush up on my reading.


    We were all so excited to see a wax statue of Lee Kuan Yew. Haha...Never knew he was so tall, judging by the statue's height.


    I personally thought that Andy Lau looked the most life like in all the photos taken. It's scary how he looks so real... Maybe... just maybe it was really him and he was just acting as a wax statue as part of some Hong Kong candid camera show? Well, you never know...


    Don't mess with me, I tell ya...


    I like this father and son picture alot. I hardly take pictures with my dad nowadays so I'm glad I managed to take lots during this trip to Hong Kong. I'm glad for the bonding we had in Hong Kong. My dad no longer nags at me as much as he used to, not that he stops nagging entirely. But at least, he has learnt to let go and just let me be. I really appreciate that he's starting to see me as an adult who can look and fend for myself. I mean, he allows me to make my own decisions. He allows me to wander alone in a foreign land. He allows me to do quite alot of the things I want! So for that, I'm very thankful. We've come a long way, dad...


    Taken at the harbour at Kowloon side. Too bad the haze blocked out most of the Hong Kong Island city scenary...


    This was taken inside the Star ferry. I had initially thought the ferry service between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon had been terminated. Turns out, only the old star ferry terminal had been demolished... the actual ferry service is still running!


    Personally, the ferry ride to Hong Kong Island was one of the highlights for me in my trip. I exceptionally enjoyed that short ferry ride with my family but I can't exactly pinpoint why. Maybe it's the realisation that hey, we finally made it to Hong Kong as a family or something... Hee... I dunno...


    Caught up with Jerome when I was over in Hong Kong and he brought me to Crystal Jade of all places for dinner. Can you imagine? Go Hong Kong to eat Crystal Jade? What a joke... haha! Having said that, I must admit that the Crystal Jade in Hong Kong is far more superior than the ones we have here in Singapore. Anyway, truly enjoyed Jerome's company. He really took good care of me that night admist the debauchery and merry making. It was also good to catch up with old friends like Howie, Anthony, Ah Fai, Don, Albert and meet up with newer ones like Daniel, Bill, Dave and Eugene. You guys sure rocked my Hong Kong trip... Hee!

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    Friday, December 14, 2007
    Hong Kong 2007

    It's been more than 10 years since I last went on a holiday trip with my family, so you must imagine the excitement I had when we finally decided to go to Hong Kong and Shenzhen together as a family. Granted it wasn't exactly a family trip since we sort of left out two of the sisters, but to me, as long as parents are involved, it IS a family trip. Frankly, I'm glad I grabbed this opportunity to spend time with my family, especially since now I no longer stay in with my family and my dad is mostly away in Shenzhen. It's really a nice feeling idling along the streets of some foreign land with your family. My sister on the other hand didn't exactly appreciate the nice long walks in Hong Kong. Maybe she did not expect Hong Kong to be just another replica of Singapore, albeit more crowded, more rowdy and definitely dirtier. But that's the beauty of Hong Kong and that's exactly why I like it so much! The streets of Hong Kong possesses that chaotic vibe that Singapore sorely misses. No wonder some of my friends have chosen to move to Hong Kong. Out of curiousity, I asked my dad and mum if they would allow me to move to Hong Kong on my own. To my surprise, they are actually pretty receptive to that idea! Wowee... It'd certainly be nice to live in Hong Kong but I doubt I will... at least not now... not with the obligations I currently have. Oh well, who knows? Maybe I just might in the future!

    Anyway, back to my Hong Kong trip... generally, I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Hong Kong. It was the trip to Shenzhen which I actually dreaded. My initial plan was to stay in Hong Kong longer but dad insisted we go back to Shenzhen earlier so that we could do some shopping. Personally, I don't exactly like to shop much when I'm overseas... I prefer wandering the streets and look for nice places to eat. So frankly, shopping in Shenzhen was not the very least enticing to me. So you can only imagine my boredom when we reached Shenzhen because frankly, there is nothing very much to see there. I mean, if my sister thought Hong Kong was boring, then Shenzhen would definitely have to be much worse. Even though the things in Shenzhen were relatively cheaper, but come on, who wants to buy clothes that carry cheena brands? I'm not brand concious but I always won't wear cheena brands lah... Plus who knows if the fabric will cause any allergic reaction? After hearing so many horror stories of China products, it's no wonder I wasn't keen to do any shopping. No sightseeing, no shopping never mind. But Shenzhen also no food! The food in Shenzhen was ten times more oily than the food served in Hong Kong... and to me, Hong Kong food was already very oily. So you can only imagine the amount of oil I guzzled when I was in Shenzhen. I guzzled so much oil that I ended up sick on the last day of my trip. As of now, I'm still averse to any mere sight of oil. I don't even eat my favourite Macdonald's Shaker Fries anymore because they remind me of oil. I'm actually maintaining a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables only... and we all know I don't touch this category of food. Yes, my condition is that bad.

    So I swear never to go back to Shenzhen again... not unless I desperately want some good and cheap massage. But other than that, I doubt I will ever step into Shenzhen anytime soon. On the other hand, it has only been a few days since I left Hong Kong, but I'm missing it already! Haha... Anyway, enough of me blogging already. I haven't blogged so much in ages. Guess I will let the pictures do the blogging for me now....

    Taken in this popular dessert store called "Xu Lu San". This dessert store sells the most delicious mango sago! It's a must try for those going to Hong Kong! Oh... and introducing, my youngest sister, Rui Hua.


    And here's introducing my dad and mum... Many people say I resemble my dad alot. Really meh? I really look exactly like my dad meh?


    This was taken in Hong Kong Park. It's a beautiful park that we came across when we were looking for the Peak Tram Station.


    From Hong Kong Park, you can actually get a beautiful view of the city landscapes admist its lush greeneries and man-made river. Hong Kong Park is located near the Admiralty MTR and is a good place for a stroll especially in nice cool winter weather!


    My first time in the tram up the Peak. Taking the tram up is definitely worth the money...


    Hazy view from the Peak... a breathtaking sight nonetheless...


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