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  • Another new year has passed and I can't wait to fill this year up with even more exciting and interesting things. In the meantime, happy new year everyone!

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    Saturday, July 12, 2008
    Going For Our Vacation

    When asked what a vacation is, many say it is a gateway to release stress and to compose a person. But what happens when we return from our vacation, we end up in the same pile of mess that we actually ran away from. Eventually, a vacation becomes a couple of days of gateway with the existing problems still floating around in our minds.

    A certain kind of miscommunication or a certain irresolvable issue during a particular time is usually called a problem. When problems are unresolved or ignored it starts to grow in an accelerating speed. Everything around you will seem troubled and life would be more miserable. The solution is to simply face the problem no matter in whatever shape or size it tends to be. The solution seems easy, but to execute it, it takes a lot of courage.

    A vacation usually has a route, but a couple of people will come across signs. Emotions are going to run wild, secrets and problems between one another are going to be exposed. Strangers will become friends and friends, will turn to foes. Will this vacation solve all their problems?

    A collage of voices and movements takes you on a journey through hope and helplessness. This theatre production fuses creativity and sensitivity into our increasingly complex society, which will instigate our minds to start wondering what is wrong and what is right.
    Date/Day: 3rd August 2008, Sunday
    Time: 1pm, 4.30pm & 8pm
    Venue: Queenstown Auditorium
    Ticket Price: $14
    For more information and purchasing of tickets, please  email gg4ourvacation@gmail.com or check out http://www.gfov.blogspot.com.

    Posted at 03:23 pm by justinkan


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